LearningBranch Recommends Google Chrome.

The LearningBranch Platform works with all platforms running modern HTML5 browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows 10+ (Chrome 80+, Firefox 90+, or MS Edge Chromium 90+)

  • Mac OSX 10.13+ (Chrome 80+, Firefox 90+, Safari 12+, or MS Edge Chromium 90+)

  • APPLE iOS 11+ iPhone and iPad (Safari 12+ browser)

  • Google Android 9+ (Chrome 80+, Firefox 90+)

  • Linux (Chrome 80+, Firefox 90+)

We recommend you install and use Chrome, MS Edge or Firefox

If you're on your personal computer and don't have Chrome, Edge or Firefox, click on the following links to download to your computer:

Google Chrome:


Microsoft Edge:


Mozilla Firefox


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