Use CSV import to create a large number of users and assign them to groups in a single action.

Creating the CSV file

To create the CSV file, first open up Microsoft Excel, create a blank workbook, then click File -> Save As…, and change the file format to Comma Separated Values (.csv). You’re free to name the file whatever you want before saving.

Special Characters

If the data in your CSV needs special characters, like French accents or Chinese characters, we highly recommend using an alternative spreadsheet program, such as Google Sheets. We have found that Microsoft Excel cannot consistently export CSV files with special characters.

Adding the headers

In Excel, add these headers in the first row exactly as shown below:

These columns map to the fields in a user’s account – more about this in the next section.

Adding the user information

In each row, enter the information for each user that you would like to create and add to a group.

Each row in the CSV must have user data in it. Don't leave blank rows in the middle of the document.

The fields are as follows:

Your CSV should look something like this:

Once you have completed entering the user information, save your CSV file.

On the Users Page, upload the CSV file with the import users button.

Managing existing users with CSV import

With CSV import, existing users can be added to new and existing groups.

In CSV import, users are identified by the email field.

To add an existing user to a group using CSV import:

  1. In the CSV, type the user's first name, last name and role. Type the user's email exactly. The password doesn't need to match, but the field can't be left empty.

  2. In the groups field, type the name of a new or existing group that you'd like to add the user to.

  3. Import the CSV.

If an email in the CSV matches the email of an existing user, the user will be added to the group specified in the CSV.

The existing user's first name, last name, role, and password will not be changed.

Checking if import was successful

If the CSV file has been uploaded and there weren’t any errors, you can double check that the users you created show up on the Users page.

And that the groups you created are all on the Groups page:

To be sure that your import was successful, we strongly recommend that you try logging in as some of your newly-created users.

Troubleshooting common errors

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