The LearningBranch Reports page shows critical data relating to learner progress and performance. To get started with Reports, and to learn how to calculate CEFR ratings, follow the steps below.

Viewing and Downloading Results

Open the Reports page.

Choose the group that you would like to show results.

Click Show result.

To see each learner's progress in each of their courses, detail by Learners then Courses. To explore different results, change the order of the items.

In the Calculate field, choose Final Score. If needed, add other calculations.

Calculations are based on the selection in the Detail results field.

  • Score is the total number of points earned.

  • Final Score is the score divided by available points. Groups will show an average.

  • Completion is the number of completed activities divided by total activities. Groups will show an average.

  • First Access is the earliest access date for the selection.

Click Download results.

Calculating CEFR for LearningBranch Courses

All LearningBranch courses are CEFR-rated. To calculate the CEFR rating for a LearningBranch course:

Open the downloaded CSV in Excel.

To the right of the table, create a new column, titled "CEFR"

Copy the entire formula below:

=IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH("*Profession*",INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),1)&":"&ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()-1)),0)), LOOKUP(HLOOKUP("*finalScore*", INDIRECT("A1:"&ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN())), ROW(), FALSE),{0,0.2,0.5,0.7,0.9},{"A2 or below","B1","B2","C1","C2"}), LOOKUP(HLOOKUP("*finalScore*", INDIRECT("A1:"&ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN())), ROW(), FALSE),{0,0.5,0.7,0.9},{"A1","A2","B1","B2"}))

Paste the formula into the new column:

The CEFR level will display for each learner, based on their final score, for both preparation and performance-level LearningBranch courses.

Note that CEFR level is valid only for complete and unmodified LearningBranch courses. CEFR level is not valid for orientation courses, partial LearningBranch courses or other custom courses.

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