This new feature allows you to generate detailed user reports by categories you define in your courses.

Step 1

The Administrator Defines Global categories for your site by accessing the Settings tab from the left panel. Categories are added to the Activity Category dialogue box. Multiple categories can be added using a comma to delimited them:

In this example, the administrator added 5 categories

  1. Reading

  2. Writing

  3. Speaking

  4. Comprehension

  5. L + R

Note: Categories are global settings for all users and all courses for your site!

Step 2

Once the categories are defined, instructors can then select them when authoring their content. The option is enabled, as the activity categories dialogue box , will appear in the activity. Simply select the category you wish this activity to be reported on.


When generating reports, make sure you add Categories to the Results Dialogues box. The activity category will then appear as a sub-total. The total of the categories will be rolled into the final score:

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