Assessment invites are used when the name and email address of your applicant or known. Applicants' accounts must either be manually created or batch imported prior to using this feature.

Step 1: Selecting the Group

Select Group by clicking on the group name.

Step 2: Add Learners to Groups

You'll need to add the If you've not added the Learners to a group during the Import process or during the account creation process. If they are part of the group then skip to Step 3.

How to add users to a group:

Add Learners to the group by first clicking on the Learner tab (1). Then click on add learners (2). This will open a dialogue box that allows you to add learners to the group. Select the Learners followed by clicking on Add to Group (3).

Step 3: Select the Applicants

From the same Learner Tab on the Groups Page, select the users by clicking next to their name on the box.

Then select from the Choose an Action menu on the right the option "Assessment Invite".

Step 4: Send Assessment Invites to Applicants

The assessment invites are sent via the platform. The applicant will receive an email with instructions and a one-time link to the assessment. Once they click on this link, it will log in them to the platform and give them 1-time access to the assessment.

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