Recruiter Functions


All usage is centered around Groups. Users and Courses are assigned to Groups.

Courses = Assessments (LB Communication Assessment EN DE ES FR IT CN)

Groups = hiring batches (site-client-language-filled date) (BLR-com-EN-Week2)

Learner Users = Applicants (name and email)

Instructor Users = Recruiters (name and email)

Support: LearningBranch technical support is available to all users from the Support button on the portal.

1 Setup Groups

From the Groups page, select Create a Group.

Enter the name of the Group in the box and select Setup Group.

Naming Convention for Groups:

Site - Client or Process - Language - Date position is to be filled

E.g. BLR-ABC-EN-Week23

**Be sure there are no spelling errors.

Tip: Group naming convention should be confirmed at setup so reporting will be standardized.

If you make a mistake on the Group name:

To edit the name of the group:

Select the Group Details tab. Edit the Group name. Changes are saved automatically.

2 Assign Course or Assessment

Click on the Group name to open the Group edit page.

Select the Courses tab.

Select Add Course.

Select the correct Assessment from the dropdown box and Add to Group

If you make a mistake:

To remove the assessment, select the assessment by checking the box. Then from the ‘Choose an action’ dropdown action box on the top right, select Unassign.

3 Send links to Applicants

3.1 Email Assessment Invite to Group Members

Assessment invites are used when you already have the email address for the applicant.

See How to Import Users

See How to Manually Create Users

The applicant receives via email a one-time link to the assessment.

The applicant clicks on the link and opens the assessment; they do not need to register.

Open the Group edit page for your group.

Select one or more applicants.

From the ‘Choose an action’ dropdown box, select Assessment Invite.

Confirm the pre-set message is correct.

Click SEND.

** The Assessment Invite text can be customized at setup.

3.2 Create and Email Self-Registration Links for each Group

Self-registration links are used when you do NOT have the email address for the applicant.

When an applicant opens the registration link, they then enter their email, first name and last name and then proceed to the assessment that is assigned to their group.

Open the Group edit page for your group.

Select the Self-Registration tab.


Copy and email the link to applicants.

**After the link expires, click enable and create a new link.

4 Use Reporting to View and Download Reports

Select the Group you need to report on and then Get Report from the dropdown action box.

The Reports show Access Date, Completion and Score by Group and Assessment, for each applicant as well as group averages.

Select Category and Score Status from the Calculate Filters dropdown box to see scores broken down into sections.

Select Download Results to download the data to a CSV file.

Assessment categories and passing scores are preset for each assessment.

For more information, visit the Help Center at or contact

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